Boleh Ventures

Building digital commerce and financial services in emerging markets with early and growth stage investments

Boleh Ventures is an investment platform managing capital of Varun Mittal through a series of investment vehicles and funds focused on early and growth-stage investments in emerging markets. We aspire to create fair outcomes for founders and help them access the resources needed to achieve long-term success. Our focus areas are fintech and digital commerce domains in South East Asia, India and Africa.

Founders Aspire and strive their best to achieve that. From walking on the road not travelled to embracing uncertainties, taking salary cuts, and working longer than usual hours, founders are the ones who can and try to do it all. This spirit of taking up challenges with relentless audacity inspired us to name our initiative Boleh. The word in Singlish means, Can or Can Do, and as our American friends say, Yes, We can.

Founders build companies to change the status quo, and their most significant strength is their belief in themselves. Deeply rooted in the philosophy of Karma and the teaching of our Gurus, one of the traditional sayings for North Indians and Sikhs has been Jo Bole(h) So Nihal, meaning "Whoever utters shall be fulfilled". We strongly believe that if you set out to do it, You Can.

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